List of products by brand Polydron®

Polydron is the original and best geometric construction product, renowned worldwide for its quality and versatility. It is specifically designed and developed to meet the demanding requirements of the modern classroom, helping teachers and children alike in the quest for knowledge and understanding.

Although Polydron is the worlds' leading product in its field and has become a trusted quality teaching tool for teachers and pupils, there is so much more to this excellent invention that has become part of the fabric in many schools and homes around the globe. Children from as young as four and right up to the level of university graduation have benefited from its versatility. Made from durable ABS, it lends itself to the thirst for creativity and the development of manipulative skills for younger users. From the most basic early shapes of cubes and prisms, and progressing right up to the full set of Archimedean solids, the world of Polydron shapes leaves no stone unturned in its quest to help children to understand and enjoy geometry.

The product has been developed over many years, and is now recognised as a very useful addition in many wider areas of the classroom. The teaching of time and design & technology are areas that have benefited from Polydron's new direction.